My days on the South Island

So hard to make it simple.


How have been my last days on the South Island?





I went up to Colinwood, more up, up to Wharariki Beach.

We went for a walk in the Sand Dunes and it has been amazing!

I never saw so much sand in my life before and it felt amazing walking on this beautiful white sand.

It said it gonna be a walk for 1 1/2 hours, but it took us 3 hours for whatever reasons.

We have been walking quiet fast and had one or two breaks.

After the walk on the sanddunes we went to Wharariki Beach.

Beautiful scenery, but shit weather.

We saw some baby seals and it was the first time I saw them in their natural habbitat.

I got some really cool close-up shots!

After the long day we went back to Takaka where I stayed in the same backpackers for one more night!




Emily and Me started hitchhiking from Takaka to Nelson the next day quiet early.

We got picked up quiet fast at the first spot, having two elderly people taking us to a small village (forgot the name).

However, we got picked up at that spot after like two minutes.

She dropped us at the Airport in Nelson where Emily catched her flight to Wellington, me however, continued my journey.

She dropped me up at a pretty decent spot where I could continue my hitchhike.

I had to wait for a little, but I got picked up by some dude.

Tbh,  I was a little scared first, but he seemed to be a very nice person!

He took me all the way to Blenheim, where I stayed in a Backpackers.

And no shit, this place, it was full of germans...

There were so many, like .... 80% or so...

I felt like I was back home in germany!




Continued my journey way more south.

I went all the way to Christchurch.

I had some people pick me up along the way don't really remember tho.

When I arrived in Christchurch, it was a really shitty weather, cloudy, cold, sad...!

I stayed in this Backpackers which reminded me of a bad horrorgame in a psychiatric facility!




From Christchurch I went all the way down to Dunedin.

I had 6 people picking me up along the way, all different, but sure asked the same questions in the beginning.

But it always led to something else!

Which made me happy cause I didn't want to have the same conversation the whole time.

I took a stop before "Evansdale" where I met Pierrick, my good french friend!

It was good seeing him! I was really happy!

We stayed at a campsite and smoked some weed there, which a maori dude gave me from the hitchhike!




Waking up quiet early to see the sunrise, it sure was worth it, staying at that beach all by myself, having a beauitful sunrise, me and my camera.

I went back to the car and went back to sleep, cause I was kinda tired and it was not really super comfortable so I woke up here and  there in the middle of the night!

We said goodbye and I made my way down to Dunedin.

I got picked up quiet fast, two stoners!

It was super funny, they stopped their car and this huge cloud of weed came out and I was like: Shit. It's raining but I really need a lift to Dunedin, so I was like: Fuck it...!

5 minutes after being in the car, we got stopped by the police!

We were going to fast, so we got a ticket!

Luckily the cop didn't notice the weed haha!

So I checked in, into the "On Top Backpackers"!

Very cozy and laid back place!

I met two german girls in the kitchen, we had some long conversations here and there, it was nice!

Aaaand I was playing some pool downstairs, so that was good too!




So my day started : Let's bleach my hair.

So I did it, and it sure looks freaky, I just have to get a haircut so I don't look like a total moron!

After that I went to the Steepest Street in the World, Balwin Street!

It is indeed super steep and I can say, my knee didn't say thank you!

Going down the hill was to much for my knee... so annoying...!

After that I made some food and me and Tash went for a little walk around Dunedin, 

checked out some Museum and then went for a little groceries shopping.

Got back to the Backpackers and just chilled out.

A pretty laid back evening, nothing to fancy, went downstairs, played some pool met some new canadians.

Tomrrow I am gonna head back up to Christchurch,

gonna meet the couple I met in Kaiteri and stay a night at their place!




I am sitting in the library at the moment and I am waiting a little bit before heading back up to Christchurch cause I don't wanna be there to early, cause I don't wanna sit around in Christchurch doing nothing and wait, 

prefer to sit in this library and watch some Netflix and make my way up to Christchurch a little later.

Tomorrow, I'll be back in Wellington!

I can't wait to see all my people again!

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