I am gonna write more stuff soon, about the recent days!

Happy New Year first!

I know I haven't been posting much in the last days, again...
But there was to much going on!

In this post I want to share you my time at the South Island!

I made it to the South Island now!


I am on the South Island since the 6th of January, traveling around the North Part of the South Island!


So I started my journey in Picton on the 6th, nothing much happend, I talked to someone from Wales for a little bit and went to bed quiet early...

The next day, I planned on reaching Nelson.

I went to the reception from the hostel that I was staying in... asking for advice for hitchhiking!

She gave me a cardboard and a spot where it is smart to hitchhike!

So I went there, with my cardboard, and boom....! The first car stopped!

There were two more girls that were hitchhiking aswell, so he took these two aswell!

We got along very well, a french, singapore and two germans!

We stopped at the "Pelorus Bridge", a beautiful and warm little river where we went for a swim!
It was so lovely there!

We dropped of the german girl at a camp site, leaving us three in Nelson to see the city!

We grabbed something to eat and walked around the place!

There was this one random dude talking about being vegan and how bad it is to eat meat!

Sure, it is a problem, but the way he said that we are "bad people" lost my interest quiet fast.

I went to the "Paradiso Backpackers" where I met Tim, a guy I met in the Nomads Hostel in Wellington!

Such a coincedence!
We talked and hung out that night, was really nice seeing him again!


The next day I packed my stuff and got ready to reach "Takaka"!

Started hitchhiking, I met a elderly lady, a maori guy and then a german-korean woman living in New Zealand!

She was cleaing in a house in "Kaiteriteri" and offered me to stay there for a night!

I was overwhelmed... thats all I can say.... 

Offering me this place... trusting me...

Like why?

Such a beautiful place to be, having the beach, having a nice place to sleep, I just felt like paradise!

Thank you for that!


Today... I got my way to Takaka.

I started hitchhiking in Kaiteriteri, where this kiwi-dude from christchurch picked me up.

We found out that we are both interested in photography, so it was pretty easy to have some conversations!

He dropped me of in Takaka, where I am staying in this hostel right now!

A lot of very friendly people and I am really happy to stay here right now!

Tomorrow I am trying to reach Colinwood, where most beaches from Abel Tasman are!

The last days have been an amazing experience.

The people that I met in that short amount of time, the kindness and the open ears..


I have like 8 days left on the south island, I am trying to get the best out of it!

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