My day started pretty late yesterday.


I was out on Friday and grabbed some drinks with Logan and Glenn.

We played poker from 4pm till 9 pm.

And after that we decided to go to Lopati's house and grab some more drinks and go to town.

We did, and it probably wasn't the smartest idea, cause I really was wasted.

I met this swedish girl in the "R-Bar", which then also went to Danger Danger where I shared a few dancemoves and some kisses, but then she disappeared, which I mean, is okay, not a big deal.

So today.

I had planned a date, a tinder date.

I met a girl on there and we both came to the agreement to meetup and get to know each other!

So before I met her, I met that swedish girl again, out of nowhere.

I say that, because, living here in Wellington, everything is so close and you get to meet people the whole time!

After 5 minutes, I met her and to be honest, I was nervous first.

I've never met someone via tinder, so I wasn't really sure what to expect!

But honestly, after like 5 minutes it was all good, not nervous anymore, just started talking and getting to meet eachother!

Her name is Theadora and she is from Lower hutt/ Wellington.

I have to say, being here as a backpacker, you don't really have that many options meeting locals, mostly backpackers.

So I was more happier meeting someone from here.

We got along very well, and there was a party at the long term flat, so I brought her with me!

The party was good!

Everyone was nice, new faces and a very good vibe!

Theo and me were pretty much talking and hanging out the whole time, but I felt like it.

She is really nice and I like her alot!

We went back to the hostel and spent our night together.

When we woke up, we decided to get some food and continue our date haha.

We went to Sweet Mothers Kitchen where we grabbed a coffee and some food!

There was this one guy, he was holding 4 roses and was waiting for someone!

We were trying to witness the whole scene and at one point, he but the flowers behind the his back 
and went to the traffic light.

We thought that he may got canceled but we saw someone running towards him, giving a hug!

It was so nice to see that!

The poor little teenager, waiting for his girl.

It was so sweeeeet!

He gave her the flowers and she sure looked happy lol!
Then they happily went off!
So we had our food, went to New World and there was this awesome machine which cuts your pineapple,

pretty cool eh?
After that we decided to end our date.

I gave her a kiss and said: Hey, that was the coolest date I've ever been on!
I guess she said the same thing about it!

I would really wanna hang out with her again, she is a very genuine person!


Now, I'm sitting in the Long-Term-Flat, watching a little Lord of the Rings, again, 

and think about the fact, that tomorrow is Christmas Eve.

I mean, what the actual fuck? 

We gonna celebrate it here, cause the people here, are the people that I love.

My closest friends!

And it could happen...it could... that my best friend is coming to Wellington tomorrow!
Patrick, and his sister eventually!

I would be so fuckin happy if that is gonna happen!

Eight days until New Year....2019, what will happen next year?

What am I going to do?
Where am I going to be?

Who am I gonna meet?

I can't wait to find that out.

I'm so ready for it!

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