So I fucked up my knee on the 9th of december.

I was in Dakota and I was dancing a little to hard, slipped of and cracked my knee..

Felt like shit after that, it just threw me back to what happend last year in february when I broke it...

I was out of action for like a week minimum.

But I have to say I haven't recovered 100% yet..., but I can walk and it is getting better.


Luckily, I had the chance to go to the Long-Term-Flat and play some Super Smash Bros Ultimate!!!

They bought it straight away and it is so much fun!

I'm definitly gonna buy it when I'm back home!

But yeah, I was mostly staying in my bed, cause I really had to put my leg up!

While I had alot of time to think... I was contacting one of my friends from last year.

I met her around 10 years ago in a video game, I met her last year for the first time.

And I really fell in love with her, but things went bad, so I was trying to contact her after a long time.

I really wanna see her again when I'm back home...
I think you realize what you had, once you lost it right?
Let's see what will happen...

Last Friday tho, the ABBA SHOW!
I was so hyped up really, and the hype was definitly worth it!

Damn it was sooooo goood!

When I walked into the Opera House, I had my camera with me and the security asked me if I am an "licensed" photographer and I was like: "Uhm, yeah."
So I could take my camera with me, easily.
The good thing was, that my seat that I bought was first row, right infront of the performance.
So I could take some really sick new pictures!

After the amazing performace,  they offered a Meet&Greet, so I took my chance to say thank you and telling them that I took some pictures!

I got a contact on facebook, so I could send over some samples, and they loved em!
They uploaded so many pictures on their instagram/facebook, giving me credit for the pictures!

And seeing all the nice comments about the shots, that really makes me so happy!
Totally worth the editing, to see the comments!

So today is the 19th of december....christmas is in 5 days.... or 6 whatever.

So unreal, really, I can't really believe that the year is almost over...

I've been in Wellington for 6 MONTHS! now, such a long time!

Looking back to the people that I met over the last months.... I am so grateful for every single one!

I also put in my sign of resignation for the Nomads postions as their handyman...
It was hard to do that, but I guess it was about damn time...

And I mean, I have around 2 months left...

And that time will go by fast... I know that...


Rhythm and Vines, next week!

I am so excited for it, I feel that my knee is gonna be good to go for the festival, but I have to take it easy until then!

I got a tent, I got my bus, got my ticket, now I need to meet people there!

But that is the smallest problem I guess.



After  R&V, I'll 2go back to Wellington for 1/2 nights and then I'll head down to the South Island, I have to...
10 months on the North Island, and none on the South Island yet?

I have to.

And I will!




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