I guess there is more of a down atm then an up.

I was drinking on tuesday, I was drinking alot....
I met a bet with Glenn and Ryan saying: "Hey, you are not gonna be able to get me drunk tonight! 50 bucks!"

Whoops, guess that was not a smart decision...

I didn't really feel to bad the next day, but it still wasn't the smartest move of them all.


Today, well, I was laying in bed the whole time, didn't do much

I was actually hoping to go to a girl that I met a few days ago, cause she invited me over to her place.

Saying "nah sorry, reasons" 20 minutes before I was supposed to go, well, just pisses me of.

Saying "hey, I can't make it today" like maybe an hour or two earlier, could have changed my whole situation.

But no.

That's a thing I really hate about people...

Not being clear about things, not being, organized.

So yeah, I am just sitting on my bed the whole day, watching Netflix and not doing much...

I need a job, asap, I am drowning in boredom...


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