Sitting in my bed... looking at the date, realizing, it is december...

The year almost reached it's end and I am super ready for the year 2019....

Holy fuck, like, I came here beginning of march, and its almost 2019?!


The last 5 days have been alot of drinking tbh...

Started on tuesday, until tonight...

Everyday I was out, and I really need a break...

My bankaccount didn't like it, so was my body, every day I woke up..
I didn't say I had a bad time, damn I had a good time!

Tuesday pubcrawl, had an interesting night.

Wednesday beerpong, went out and had some fun!

Thursday, I had another interesting night haha..
Friday party, that was a decent night.

Saturday, New Zealands Crate Day, also a very cool time to drink!

And Sunday?

Went to Henriikkas flat and had a chat, had some more booze and then I went to the LT Flat
had some pizza and had the chance to meet Hazel's parents from the UK!
Pretty cool to meet someones parents oversea, in a different country... so nice..

I hope I can work next week, I really gotta get back some money, right now im just out in the streets to often..

Anyway, different topic.

Hearing "Last Christmas" today, made me feel like how fast time went by.... seeing the christmas decorations.... 
I've been in this hostel to long...

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