So weird, seeing my last post that I uploaded, 4 of November..

Time goes by so fast, I will be home faster than I can imagine...

I haven't been good with my blog this month, but so much stuff happend really.

Trying to figure it all out in my wasted brain, but it is hard so summarize.


I'll try though:


Well, one night I went out and someone, in Danger Danger, was feeling so needy to actually steal my glasses.

For the second time.

So I was complaining the whole time about people stealing my glasses, so I went for contact lenses.

And tbh, I feel super good wearing them now, the beginning was alittle sloppy but now I can put them in and out pretty easily...


I got a new tattoo, I'm not gonna say what it is, but it is on my finger, I may need to get it restiched, cause it looks like it is fading alot.

Pretty spontaneous and maybe alittlebit without thinking to much about it.

But hey, I love it haha!


I was on a concert, two days ago, Opiuo, damn it was a gooooood show, really a 10/10.

The venue was nice, the people have been nice, everything was amazing that night!

Rachael left that night aswell, I've known her for quiet a long time here in Welly.

Before she left, I took one of her braclets and promised her, the next time I'll see her, I will give her back the braclet. 

I'm definitly gonna miss her...


I've also met some new people here, obviously, cause living in the hostel sure gives you the open opportunity to meet new people every day.

Lopati, Emily and James, three new amazing people.

We celebrated Thanksgiving on Thursday, my first thanksgiving and it was really cool!

I'm happy I have them in my life right now!


Yesterday, there was another Thanksgiving party at the Long Term People's Flat!

Damn that was a feast!

Everyone brought food from back home, and it was sooooo nice!!

Such a good time, everyone had to say what he/she is thankful of, here at this present moment.

Some nice things came up!

After that we went out, but I got asked by my friends from Sweet Mothers to come out and say hello!

It was good seeing them, especially because I quit my Kitchenhand-job last thursday.

I wanted to leave this Tuesday, but I changed my plans for the smarter way.

I really wanna see the Southisland, but I think it is to early...

Today I am trying to relax, sober up and just avoid drinking, I am saving up money good, but I am spending money good to!

So I gotta take more responsability for that.

It is almost December, I can't believe it, really.

One month left, until christmas!!!

I mean, the time is FLYING, it is unimagineable.....


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