Oh man... time flys by...

Not even joking, it all just goes so damn quick...

we already are in freakin november and I think like, christmas is right infront of the door.


Halloween was cool, I took some extra time to get a cool grim reaper outfit with crazy eye lenses and proper make-up done, so I was happy about that.


We went to the cinema couple of days ago, we watched "Venom".

And like every time I see a movie, I always like to watch the credits until the very end, 

cause mostly they have like special scenes and stuff, nothing biiiiig but something right?
Actually, there was something!

and when that cutscene came up, the seats started shaking and there was an earthquake at that very moment!

I thought like: who the hell is shaking my chair, stop it lol.

But everyone was confused, so I just googled and whoops, an earthquake!



I've been working alot the last days, I am at the end of my freaking power, im so tired and my legs are so weak...

I am just so happy that I have a day of tomorrow, because I really need to rest...

It was just to much for my body.

I went out, had some fun here and there, it was just to much...


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