So waking up, don't really know what happend the last night, I got a pretty okay hangover.

I got convinced to go the the Sunday Fruit and Vegetables Market at "Te Papa" with my group

to go for some groceryshopping!
Well, the plan changed from "grocery shopping" to "Brunch at the flat".

I mean, I didn't mind that, it was really nice!





We made some eggs, some bacon, you know, everything you need for a brunch,

Me having a hangover made it pretty much impossible to eat, cause I feel so much more shittier after eating.

So I had to give up some of my food to my fellas..



I then realized, I had to do some hours in the hostel.

So I went back, worked for like 2 hours and then, well I just put in some random hours

so I am good for the week. *cough*


Evelene, the girl that I am seeing right now, asked me if we should drive someone, somewhere outside of town, so we did.

We went to "Breaker Bay", a 20-minutes ride outside of town.

We just be like, okay lets take something random, don't take a look what it is just go.

So we did. and no shit, it was an amazing decision!

The view was amazing and noone was there.

A beautiful view and sushi.

The most romantic date I ever had haha!

There was a beach aswell,  noone there and it was so good to have a beach again!

Hearing the waves, smelling the ocean, amazing.

When we came back to the hostel we sat down in the lobby and watched a movie, just to yeah, chill out.

I think we watched "Ted", was pretty funny.

And yeah, that pretty much the day.

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