The last days have been pretty busy, I was working aloooot over the last week..

I had to cover some shifts and I had to work at the hostel for a long time!

At the weekend we just decided to party..


On friday, I was planning on doing nothing at all, hach! of course Rick.

I had two beers, that was the plan, I had one more jug so I didn't lie to myself to much!

I was going to Alex, a guy that is like living close to my hostel and it was packed!

They had a latin party theme thing kinda.

Many latin ladies dancing and it was so much fun!

I didn't like tried to dance but, well, I got convicined in going to dance to some salsa music

and damn, I was overwhelmed with the moves they asked me to do!

The girls took over the "guy role" and I was the girl, damn, so tough but it was so much fun!
Henrikka (a finnish girl that I met in my hostel) she wanted to go to a place known as "121" but on that day it was like a 25 Dollars entrance and we been like naaaah, not worth for that venue!

Sooo, I said to her that I would go to bed, buuuuuuut, there is like a rainbow on Cuba Street

and there people posing taking pictures and I just offered my abilities as a photographer,
getting invited to go to "The Ivy" after that, and I was like fuck it why not.

I realized pretty late, that that place is a gay bar.

People dancing, like guy guy and girl girl and drag queens, kind of new for me.

But the music was amazing!

I had so much fun for like 30 minutes, after that I just left the place.

The next day I was working a bit at the hostel, nothing really big happend until the night.

All the amazing Nomads People that used to live here, rented a flat close to the hostel 

and we had the warm up party for the flat.

Damn it's an amazing place!

So many lovely faces it was so good!

We got two police reports for noice complain, but well... that happens I guess.

After the second one, Daniel was trying to get some silence into the place,

cause we would have get fine for noise complain.

The people just didn't get quiet sooooo the party got finished, but I told my colleges, that just arrived to the party,

to shut the fuck up and just wait until it gets quiet.

So they did, some people stayed and got the message and well, the ones drank there until like 2 AM in the morning.

Then we went to "The Laundry" and had some fun there, it was so weird I had like my backpack, filled with alcohol, and the bouncer didn't check it, luckily.

I totally forgot that it was in there, but hey, free alcohol at the venue I guess?

After like an hour we left the laundry and went to Sassy Loves Cash, and honestly, I can't remember really much, 

but that was fine, I really enjoyed the night!

After 4 AM the bars close, so everything pretty much was dead, but I had my speaker with me so we just stood next to the McDonalds and fuckin blasted music at the bus station with like 20 people.

Songs like Dancing Queen, YMCA, you know, you name it.

I think I went to bed at like 5 AM, I am not really sure, but yeah that was fine.

I was going down the street all alone, people being wasted and shit, and me, jamming my house music on maximum volume.

There was this one guy shouting out of the window "DUDE ITS 5 AM IN THE MORNING, TURN DOWN THE FUCKIN MUSIC!".

Tbh, it was pretty loud yeah, so I just turned it down and went to the hostel, in silence, alone, in the cold.

The sunday was pretty easy too, everyone was lazy, tired, bored, I had to cover some more hours in the hostel today, so yeah, had some fun at work here I guess.

Oh well yeah, I forgot!

There is this guy, Pierre, hosting Free Workouts for anyone and I joined for the first time.

Soooo I woke up this morning and all of my muscles have been sore, like, all of them lol.

Then we watched some movies, and looked at the recent pictures that I took over the last weeks.


Pictures from the Red Rocks

Pictures from a recent photoshoot that I had with Pierre and Luka (a guy from my kitchen)

and just random pictures from the last years.

I am leaving Wellington in like three weeks, going down south.

Honestly, I really dont wanna go, I really don't feel like leaving, but I will be back at home in like 4 months 

and I really wanna see some from the South Island before I have to go back home.

That's gonna be so cool tho!

I mean, I still have everyone that I hang out with on social media, so I can always contact the people that I like and would have an update from.

Right now, I am pretty much chatting with none on messenger or whatsapp, but because I don't want to, but because I don't have to, because I am talking with the people that I love and it is just not neccesary to use your damn phone.

Because they are here, with me in this place, and yeah, I see that the people that are leaving every day just disappear in my head, making space for new one, but is not meant to be a bad thing, I still think about people from the past, but if I wanna contact them, I got them on social media, easily.

But for now, I am enjoying my last three weeks in Wellington as best as I can, I love it here, really, I wanna stay here.

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