Today was pretty busy day at work, I didn't feel like working at all but hey, no way around it I guess?

After work, I was supposed to had a photoshoot at 4 PM, but I checked and she didn't give me a message so I just went back to my hostel and had something to eat and just chilled.

She gave me a text at about 5.30 PM, that she is getting ready for the photoshoot.

It took a pretty long time for her to get ready, we met at about 7 PM and went to "The Establishment" first to change clothes and start.

She had like a very fancy black dress on and her first idea was to take some pictures infront of the door of establishment to act like "she is the owner".

So we took that and just walked around courtney place and took some pictures!

It didn't take that long, I think like 2 hours in total, but it was really good!

It was super windy and it was kind of dark to take proper pictures what we sure got some decent ones!


After the photoshoot, Beka and Me we went to The Blend and had couple of beers aaaand well, Raechel got a little drunk, so I had to get her back to her hostel cause she was not able to walk by herself.

Went to bed and got ready for the next day!

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