I woke up this morning and I was a little confused.

The time changed, and I was like, uuuuhhhmm... do I have one more hour to sleep, am I late?

I just went to work and everything was fine.

Beginning was pretty chill, but it got pretty darn busy at about 11 AM or so...

I had to do so much stuff at the same time, I was so stressed out, with a mixture of not much sleep and being a little dissy..

But things got more chilled at about 3 PM, but I was so exhausted after that... shit.

I had a Big Easy (The Burger which I normally order) and actually I had a photoshoot planned with Beka Marshall, but she was out all night and was not ready for a shoot today, she said we gonna do it tomorrow, lets see if that is gonna work out.

I went back to the hostel, went into the lobby, and started talking to Will, Christoph aaand the other french girls (don't know their names sorry), all french....

After like 30 minutes, I wanted to go over to Blend and play some pool, Gil the german girl from the receiption joined me..

Had some games and then went back to the hostel.

I went to bed for one hour or so, woke up and got asked if I want to go to the cinema to watch "Christopher Robin"

A decision, in 5 minutes, going to the cinema, in 5 minutes, thats the city life.

Back at home? 

Not possible at all haha...


The movie was good!

I was kind of surprised, but the only thing that sucked was, that they only have salty popcorn here...
I don't really like it.

When I got back to my room, Alba and me watched one episode of "Black Mirror", the one where the child murderer is in the "TV Show".
Damn, I dunno I really love that episode, it's so fucked up.

Ah yeah, Alba, the first spanish I met in New Zealand.
Damn, she is so amazing!

She is staying in my room and like, every single day, I am learning more and more about her..

First that she does poledancing, which I really have all my respect for.

Then she told me that she likes metal music, another plus point.

Now, she is playing videogames and cosplays? (And the cosplays are fuckin amazing!)
I just asked her for fun if I can marry her, she just said, where we gonna live then?
I really like her alot and I only know her for like a week now..

Tomorrow I gotta go back to work, new week new month, damn the time is flying, like I am not even kidding....
This month..... so fuckin fast....
Soon I will leave Wellington tho, I will go down at the beginning of november, it's time to see the South Island!


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