Updating this blog sure is work and alot of things happend in the last weeks, for sure.

I am trying, I really am lol, but I just have to much to do that I just forget it haha.

So well, what happend, whats next?


People are coming and going, every day, you start to like someone more then others, then they leave.

The backpacker life sure is pretty tough when you try to hang out with someone longer.

But it's not bad, you still keep in touch via facebook, snapchat or instagram.


I met this new girl, Raechel, from the UK.

She is super nice and I am spending alot of time with her right now!

Don't really know what the situation with "us" is right now, but I am enjoying the situation aslong as it lasts!

Working, alot, trying to save money, but alcohol is life, right?
I've just realized that all my money goes into alcohol here, really and I may have come to the conclusion that I should maybe stop my drinking style, I mean, don't stop nah, but less, save more money.

Because I will leave Wellington in about 6 weeks, go down south!
I met this french guy, Pierrick, we are getting along pretty good and we decided we will go down to the southisland together, that will be fun!

I am sitting in the library right now, avoiding all the alcoholics trying to convince me to drink with em and just to take a second to edit some pictures and get more active on this blog!
But I think I'll join em later to play some JINGO, maybe I win tonight, who knows!

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