If I would write a blog every single day, I would go insane..
No shit, every day..... there is alwaaaays something happening...

A new person, a night out, working, it is never quiet here.


I met Jaimy and Melissa here at the hostel, Jaimy I already know a little longer,

but Melissa just arrived at the hostel.

She was talking to a friend and said : "Yeah I arrived in Wellington and this was my first real friend."
I dunno, it warms my heart when I hear stuff like this...
So anyway, with these two people, we went to Blend Bar, played pool...
That was the plan.

Ended up going to a houseparty, played beer pong,

aaaand, second houseparty .... more alcohol aaaaand then I went to the pubs, cause I was like... fuck it.


So my day at work the next day was shitty af, really, I was so dead man, I am never gonna do that again!


My day at work today was super nice!

I was really pumped to work and I got nice feedback from all my coworkers!


After all that I was so tired I couldn't do shit, so Hazel and me just played this "Pigeon Dating Game".

No words needed, super dumb game and it is so fun playing videogames with her.


Then, at about 1 AM, I wanted to call some friends back home from germany.

I was lucky, I could reach out to Patrick first.

10 minutes later I found out that you could group video chat on whatsapp, soooo, I called Janis, and we had a group chat.

An hour later I was also inviting Markus aaaand we had a 4-Man-Group Chat!

Sooo cool man, I really enjoyed every single second of that.

Seeing my boys again, it was soo good!

That was it for the evening....

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