Today I am getting the gold medal!

So, today I was working, 9 AM till 4 PM, not to bad.

Before that I had to go to the doctors, I'm having this bad cold and im coughing the whole time, so annoying!

Work was easy, nothing to busy today, luckily haha.

Felippe, a guy from my work, asked me if I would join the team to go out and celebrate John's birthday!

Of course I am not gonna say no!

I went back to the hostel, grabbed Hazel and went to the Salvation Army, got new clothes and and then we went to the free food store and chileed  there!

Hazel is such a cool person, I love her haha!


After that, Marine and me, (Marine, a french girl from the hostel) went to Blend and wanted to join the Beer Pong tournament.

I got second place the last two weeks, I wanted to get gold this time, but there was no tournament today because there hasn't been enough people.




Sooo, I met these three wonderful young ladys, 
Sam, Natalie aaaaaand, fuck, ehm, I'll ask her later.

We first met at the blend, and then they left earlier, went to Residence, where I went too and found them.

Played some pool and had a drink, very nice girls!

After that I went to the Minibar, where I found most of my staff, drinking and having a good time!

It was soooooo good to see them united as a team, everyone gets along with each other and the atmosphere was on an astonishing level of happiness haha.

We had couple of drinks at the Minibar, then went to Sassy Loves Cash and danced, had a good time!

Then, Jordan, Anna, Louise came to here too and we had a chat, but honestly, my attention was just on my staff! 

This girl, Emma, well, she bit my nipple, yep, that happend (Just wanted to have that remembered formyself here)

Johnny, a guy from the staff team too, asked me this question: "If you have the chance to live here, would you stay here?" 

honestly, I didn't had to think about an answer, I went straight and just said "Yes."
Because honestly, I love it here, I wouldn't giveaway a second I get here.
I just feel, better...

After Sassy Loves Cash we went back to Minibar, had more beer and then Jordan, Dilan and Beka came to say hello!

The weird thing is, I don't remember taking that picture honestly, but I am really happy I took it!


After 4 AM, I went back to the hostel,
had two more 2$ pies and was happy haha...

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