It was a very short, very simple, but very intense day.

I was working in the Kitchen and because its Saturday, it was really busy!

I'm not gonna go into every detail, but I was super stressed out the whole day!

And to top it of, I had to work 9 hours instead of 8...

9 hours washing, 10 minutes break...

I think I've never said it like that before, ever, but I hate my job right now haha.

The enviroment is good, the people are nice and the tasks are "simple".

But the amount and the constant standing in a very tiny kitchen and a tight spot, make it not really that much fun to work in...

After I got home at about 6PM, I went back to the hostel where I am staying at right now and started to work there for like 45 minutes, to fill up my 15 hours for the week!

I think I may have worked like, I dunno, 20 minutes of that, but noone has to know right?

After that I went to the movie room, found a bunch of people there, some that I also know for quiet a while now, watched some movies and yeah, thats pretty much it, I have to go to bed now.

No partying, on a saturday night, thats hard.

But I don't wanna wake up again and feel kind of intoxicated, especially not while working in the Kitchen, I was feeling super shitty for the first 3 hours or so.

So yeah, tomorrow from 8 AM - 4PM (hopefully) and then I wanted to meet with a friend I met, to go grab some dinner!

Aaaaannd next week on Monday, Tuesday, I gotta work aswell, and Wednesday, but thats gonna be a night shift, thats gonna be hella fun!

I'm just looking for my first paycheck, then I may calm my self from working in the kitchen so stressful..

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