I had my first night at the new room and I have to say the bed was super comfortable, better then before!

I woke up and I had this bag hanging infront my door and there has been a vaperizer from Nick, who left it for me.

Weird, how it was laying down in there in that bag, I felt kind of sad at that moment.

Ofcourse I took it, I'll use it, to honor him haha.

I went down, had some breakfast and theeen, I saw Nick, leaving.

Damn, so sad that he is flying back to England now, shit.


I had a task for today, I had to organize a Cupboard.

Sounds simple, took me six and a half hour!

It was soooo messy and full, but I love organizing like that!

Even tho it took a looong time, I am happy now tho, cause I completed it and it looks very nice now!


After that, I took Danny and Laura to the Free Food Store and we grabbed some food.

We saw Jordan there, he asked us if we wanna go to a Brewery/Bar to grab some drinks, but I didn't wanna go, I am just super tired now and I didn't feel like going out at the moment.


Now we wanna watch SAW 7/8 tonight with Danny and Laura.

They are really nice people, I really enjoy their company!


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