Second day of my work!

So today I had my second day at the Sweet Mothers Kitchen!

I started working there yesterday, as a dishwasher, woohooo! (sarcasm)

I just say it that way, I wasn't working for the last 5 weeks, just going out, drinking, no sleep, bla bla.

But going to work of all sudden sure is a adjustment I have to do again.

So I was pretty stressed out, I had to work 8 hours and tbh, I didn't had any break in that time.

It was so messy and crowded that there was no time to take a break, if I would have take it, I wouldn't have kept up with the dishes and stuff!


Today was more quiet, still a lot to do, but I'm getting there and I just love the fact that I have a reason to wake up in the morning and to do something productive!

I was working until 4:30 PM today, usually until 4:00 PM, but some stuff came up where I had to stay longer, but it wasn't to bad.

I got a very nice burger and a very nice burrito today, best thing, I get it for free because im working there, so I can save up some more money just on not having to buy for dinner and such..

I also, which is freaking awesome, got a job at the hostel I am staying at, so I'm gonna Work for Accommadation which also saves up even more money!

So the situation: 
I'm working at a kitchen as a dishwasher, I'm earning money and they provide me with delicous and different food, so I dont have to eat wheat or the same food all over again!

I'm working in the hostel for 15 hours a week and they provide me a room and money for laundry.


So I wouldn't say I have it to bad at the moment!


The only thing kind of "sad" is, that all the people I was hanging out with in the last 2 weeks kind of "disappeared", so... I didn't see them at all, nor did we text, which kind of is a shame.


I'm meeting new people, slowly, but its working!

At the moment I am hanging around with this couple, Laura and Danny, which seem pretty cool and we play pool together and watch movies for a few nights now!

So yeah, I am not in the van anymore, staying in the hostel, "losing" people, meeting new people.
Looked for a job, got two jobs now.

I guess: "When one door closes, another door opens?"

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