Last night I was out partying with Nick and some other people where I am like: "Did I actually see them???"


Yeah Nick left this day, I feel like I didn't say goodbye really, because I was so drunk last night, I can't remember shit!

I was feeling so wankered the whole day, damn, I was just sitting in my dorm the whole day, trying to sober up, watching Netflix and yeah just chill..

It wasn't so bad tho, doing nothing, I think I needed this.

I wanted to go to an Live Music Event today, cause a girl I met, Cat, she is singing and I found out about it, but when I took a look at the way that I had to walk, 45 minutes to get there, hmm nah... (and I didn't knew if I had to pay or not)

It is so weird lately, Jordan and Felix are kind of building up an alliance against me, I don't know why tho, I don't know if I did anything to make them "hate" me or not, I don't know, it's kind of sad..


Next week I will start working at "Sweet Mothers Kitchen", Monday/Tuesday/Saturday/Sunday - 8 AM - 4 PM, lets see how it will go!

I may have another Part-Time-Job at the Nomads Hostel, so Work for Accomadation, if that will work out, I can sure start to save up some money!

No clue what I am going to do tomorrow, probably go to the Library, watch some Youtube Shit and then go to bed..

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