01-08-18 - Wellington

I am going to stay in Wellington, for quiet a long time, longer then I was expecting...

I am looking for a job right now, because money is getting tight, but not super bad yet..

Oh, and I actually found a job, I am gonna work as a dishwasher in a place called "Sweet Mothers Kitchen".

It is not what I was looking for yeah, but atleast I have something to survive here.


Wellington is very nice, I really really do like it here.

Since I came here, I am just building up a new life, with new people, with new environment and I fuckin love it!

Meeting new people, every single day, one person more, one person less and I enjoy every single second living this specific life right now!

We met these french girls, Anna and Louise and I've been hanging out with them the last days!

Even tho there is a certain "language barrier" we still understand each other so good, by gesture, by bodylanguage and thats what I like about traveling right now, meeting someone from a country, where the english language may not be as advanced ánd so you have to rely on bodylanguage and it is fuckin badass!

And Aileen, yeah, the german girl, damn she is so kind, I am so glad I met her!

We hung out the last days and I tried to help her through "hard times" and I really do love her company!

Valentin was also here for the last two days!

I told him, we gonna get pissed, and we did, two times, cause I am not shitting around when it comes to the point of going out!

Going from bar to bar, knowing the bouncers, the barkeepers, the managers, being able to play your personal kind of music, thats what I love here!

Is it "common" in traveling around?

I think it is just the way that I want to travel around!

Meeting new people, building up a society and keeping them up, I freaking love it!

I don't wanna go back home, really, I love it here.

My english is getting better and better every single day, I am being more open to new people, new culture thats why I want to stay here.

Sure, I miss my friends, my family, my "normal" life, but I wouldn't trade every single second for what I am living here right now, at this very moment!

Rick and Nick
Rick and Nick



I am also very glad that I have met this guy, Nick Sharpe from England.

I met him a few weeks ago in the "Wild Zebra Hostel".

We just hung out eventually and we just realized that we are getting along very nice.

I asked him what kind of music he likes and he said "Yeaaah like Rock, Metal and Such".

I thought he was lying, but he was telling the truth, I think that was the point where I would say we got along even better!

We went to the clubs, to events together and we just realized we are getting along super nicely.

Sadly he is moving away from Wellington this Saturday, so yeah, its a shame..

We gonna fuckin party as much as we can before he leaves tho! :D

Tonight we are going to the "Hotel Bristol" to go for a "Couchsurfing Meetup".

A place where you can sit down, grab a drink and just talk to strangers, and "meet".

Oh and they also offer pool!


PS: I moved out of the van today, I don't know, I mean I had  to move out, but at the same time... I wanted to move out anyway, it just didn't seem to go very well from my side anyway...

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