Happy Birthday to me, I guess?


Jordan and I had our birthday shots at 12 PM (22 July - 23 July), thats how we started the day.

When I woke up, nothing big or so happend, just a regular day, here in Wellington.

The first thing I did was looking for jobs, no kidding.

I printed out my CV, and started to go to places.

My first one was "BIN44", where Emilio is working, a guy in my hostel room.

He said I can apply there, cause they are looking for people.

I felt really uncomfortable, walking into a place and asking if they actually are looking for people, I dunno why tho.

But after the first two it became to easier.. and I felt more comfortable talking up to people.

So I dropped out 6 CV's today, which I think is pretty good in two days I wanna go out and apply for more places.


I came back to the hostel and I saw Aileen, a german girl who is staying in my room aswell.

I just asked her if she wants to go to the Free Food Store with me, I think... she wasn't expecting to go party with me tonight... neither was I tho.

So we went to the Free Food Store, where we saw Heidi and Felix and Jordan, all getting some food.

These people are all part of my amazing birthday night.

Jordan and Kuinton wanted to go to the Wild Zebra Hostel to get some stuff, so I was driving the van.

I picked up Aileen, Heidi and Felix in the Van, and we were just driving around in town, with some music turned up and shit, it was fun already.

And of all sudden we found Jordan on the street and picked him up too!


We drove down to Oriental Bay, where we had some joints as a "present" for me.

Then Jordan got a call from Kuinton, to pick him up somewhere.

We all have been sitting in the back, while he was picking up Kuinton in downtown.

He was alittle stressed out, no orientation, 4 high people in the back, rain, bla bla..


Ah yeah, the drive, super funny!

Four people in the back, three trying to make a joint while driving, and me, sitting in my camping chair seeing all the action.

Aileen was leaning her had against the back window, aaaand our trunk sometimes has that attitude to just open up when it is the worst timing...

She was leaning, and wuuuush this thing opens and she was screaming and yelling, damn that was sooo fuckin funny haha!!!

and yeah, because one time isn't enough, it happend twice!!!

Omg...... so amazing!!

We then found Kuinton and drove down to the New World, picked up some alcohol 


and drove back to Oriental Bay, for more joints and to start drinking!


Jordan was so mad, he didn't wanna come first, but yeah, that was reasonable I guess.

So Aileen, Heidi, Felix and me started to go downtown, to courtney place where the bars started.

The establishment, number one shot and a beer.

Dakota, another shot and another beer.

The Residence, another shot and two jugs of beer.

Danger Danger, another shot and another beer.

Doesn't sound that much, but it was all strong shots, minimum 45% which was pretty funny.

The last one was Absinth, that knocked me off.


After all my drinking, I have to say, I blacked out, I don't remember dancing in Danger Danger, or dancing Disco Fox with Aileen, but it was sooo funny! (by what they said)

After my night out, I went back to the hostel and had two phonecalls to two very close friends, Janis, Jessi.

I don't know, it was so heartwarming hearing their voices and some stuff that was recently accoured, so good I don't know.


Then I went to bed... sounds pretty simple the night, but this, is a night, I will never forget!

AND especially because it was my 21 birthday, this night means alot to me!

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