Still staying in Wellington!

Every day, every single day, something new happens..

I can't tell you every single thing that happend... really..


When I think back to what happend in germany, before I left,

I had a routine pretty much, when there is something "special" happening, it mostly accured on the weekends.

And here?


And I love how things are building up from certain things that happend.

One example:


Jordan met a girl and he wanted to spent a night with her.

Okay, no worries it's all good.

So I dropped them off and had the van.

A friend from the previous hostel I was staying in, Julia, asked if we want to go out and I was like sure why not.

We first met at "Blends Bar" with some other people, people who work at "Danger Danger" the pub that I went to every single day the last week.

So I met some new people.

Then we went to "Danger Danger" and I was talking to some girl from Australia, she was very cute haha.

After that I wanted to go to the van (which was parked close to Danger Danger), to grab some whiskey which someone gave me a day before in a hostel.

So I took Julia and Guinton (also a guy from the hostel) to the van and we finished up the whiskey.

Guinton left earlier and I just laid down for a second and well.... I slept with Julia haha.

After that she wanted some water, drank it, spill all of it on the mattress...

Every blanket including the mattress, wet.

I found out the next day cause I was not really paying attention to that.

So I dropped her off at the hostel, went back to "Danger Danger" at about 4 AM in the morning and had some more beer before I drove to the "oriental bay" where I was sleeping then.


So, let's continue the "weird chain".

Cause the stuff was wet, we needed to dry the sheets.

The best way is to go to a hostel, cause the washers and dryers are usually cheap, so we went to "Lodge in the City".

Cheap hostel, cheap dryer, so why not.

We met some new people there, three dutch, two urugay, one malaysian, everysingle one, a warm and welcoming soul!

We played cards for such a long time, then some werewolf..

The malaysian wanted to smoke some weed and I just joined him, cause, why not.

And this stuff knocked me off so badly, I had troubles concentrating..

I tried to talk to "Raisa", one of the girls from netherlands, but I was so done I just went to my bed and tried to sleep...



Well, I have an appointment to check my eyes because I lost my glasses in "Danger Danger" two days ago... so I have to get new ones..

I also got a call from the "QT Museum" for my previous job interview that I had, they might give me a job at the bar!!

That would be so cool!!

I probably go back to "Danger Danger" today, I pretty much know every worker now and the girls I was hanging out with, maybe they will be there, we shall see ;)



Ah yeah, I also went to a museum the other day, super cool and realistic sculptures from people in the first world war, I really loved the exposition!

But yeah, I just love it here, every day, something new happens, and I don't even wanna deny anything that is happening right now..

and I have 8 more months... dammit New Zealand...

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