My days in Wellington

So, I haven't uploaded much stuff in the last days, but I am in Wellington now.

Came here a few days ago and I really like it here.

Coming from Tauranga to Wellington is different, more people, more stores, just everything is bigger and in a bigger amount!

The last days have been, hanging out in the clubs, eating, sleeping.

That's pretty much it.

But I am meeting new people, which is always cool!

People from all over the world, some close by, some from far far away.

But because everyone can talk english, there is always something to talk about!

Alot of drama in the clubs, in the stores it is so much fun, everyday something new happens and I am sucking it all in as best as possible!

I'm just gonna tell you what happend today:


So I tried to wake up early to watch the soccer games (England - France) (Russia - Croatia), but I was just to tired to cause I went to sleep pretty late, should have watched it tho!

I was looking for a job at the QT Museum and I had to fill up an application, had to make a CV and I gave it to them today.

They want an interview in a few days, so I am looking forward to that!

After that we went to the JJ Moreys Irish Pub to watch UFC with Jordan.

It was really cool staying there to watch that!

After that we grabbed some food, came back to that place and played some pool!

First games have been fun, but I just lost the interested after game two.

Now I am sitting at the hostel, watching "Catfish" (I love this shit so much) and I want to go to the "Fat Angle Backpackers" to play some Trivia in 30 minutes!

I met a girl yesterday, Heidi from sweden, she is really cool and I'm just sitting with here swearing at the people who are so dumb at the catfishing, I think she will come with us to the Trivia!


Soooo, she didn't join, to hangover from last night but I get that.

We played the Trivia with 5 other teams, 45 questions.

Jordan and I were last, with 12 right answers..

it was fun tho!

Now we are trying to get some people together to play "Werewolf" at 9:00 PM.

Hopefully we will have enough people!

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