Road to the Mount Taranaki

So we stayed in Taumarunui for the night cause we didn't had the energy to leave.

We planned on leaving at 7:00 AM but we just have been to lazy.., so we ended up leaving at 9:15 AM.

We were driving along the way, nothing like "special" or stuff, but of all sudden, we were crossing the bridge and a guy was waving at me very energetic...

I wasn't sure first... I was thinking it could be Felix... and it turned out, IT WAS HIM! 

They were chasing us down, and stopped us at the next bay.

Soooo random like... I can't say how weird that was seeing them, in the middle of nowhere, on the statehighway 43 - the forgotten worlds highway.

We had a chat for like 10 minutes but then seperated again.

Our next stop was Stratford, we got to the I-Site, got some informations how to climb up Mount Taranaki.

Mount Taranaki... I saw it from far far away, damn... I was so happy seeing it, I can't describe how happy I was...

So we found a spot where we could climb it up, walkway that takes about 2,5 hours to get up, to a hut where we could camp for the night.

When we wanted to go, I realized that my tripod went missing...

I don't know where I put it... it just disappeared... really shitty...

But yeah, we made the walk up in about 1 hour 27 minutes which was okay now!

In the hut, there are 5 korean, 2 americans and me, 1 german..

we made it really cozy here, fairy lights, a woodfurnance and some chatty people, very nice atmosphere!

Tomorrow we wanna take a picture of Mount Taranaki at the Mirror Lake, one of my accomplishments I wanna have in New Zealand, so I am gonna get it!

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