Goodbye Tauranga, see you soon!


So today was kind of an interesting day, not much happend but alot changed.

Today, was supposed to be my last day working on a kiwi orchard.

But things got a little mixed up and I got a new tattoo on my left forearm.

Damn, this tattoo is so good and I really love it!!!

Before I  got my tattoo, I said goodbye to many people from the hostel.

Saying goodbye to Felix was probably the hardest today.

I've known him since I came to New Zealand and I was sticking around with him for the last 2,5 months while in New Zealand.

But we will see each other again when we are back in germany.

So later on, Jordan and I packed the Van and got ready to go out on our Roadtrip.

We decided to go to Rotorua first, it is the closest to Tauranga and he never has been here before so why not.

When we were in Rotorua we went out to a pub and listend to Live Music, it was pretty cool, they had so many good songs where you could sing along to!

We didn't drink anything tbh, it is to expensive at the moment annd we didnt had to drink anything at all, we had a good time without alcohol too.

There was this weird situation: There was a barkeeper from Tauranga - 

I usually went to the Rosie's Irish Pub in Tauranga every Thursday and she was pretty much always serving me my drinks.

Seeing her, here, at the same pub.. was kind of weird haha..

Tonight we are gonna sleep in the Van for the first time..

2°C that is gonna be fun!


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