So, we don't have to cut the brenches anymore since yesterday.

We now have been promoted to pull strings..

Yeah,  thats it, pull strings.

And we get paid hourly.

The work is easier, and the thing  that we get paid hourly is definilty more cozy.

After a long day of work, we just got home and I was like : "Yeah Felix is gonna cook today, im looking forward for that!"

But well, Jordan wanted to meet with a girl in Town and I was like: "Yeah, let's go and see how she is."

So it turned out okay, she was nice she was friendly, but nothing like "special" for me to be like overwhelmed :D.

Later, Jordan and I wanted to go home, but we drove next to the "Mortys Sports Bar".

I remembered, that today was a Jackpot Competition Round to win some money, so we tried our luck.

But, well, yeah, we lost.

I have to say I was pretty bad today, not gonna lie, but they use the "small balls" and I am not used to that... (trying to find an excuse).

We then went home, grabbed some food before and made some fish and chips outside on the barbecue grill.... at 4°C...

Damn it was cold!

But the food was okay tho, I didn't eat much for the whole day so that was good for a late night snack!

One more day to work tomorrow, then we have a day off..

Time for bed now tho...

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