Promming, day one


So today we had to go out to work again, we went back to Bens Orchard. 

(our boss)

At promming, you basically cut down the brenches with a huge pair of scissors.

I can say right away, it's a shitty job.

It's hard, it takes alot of time and the payment is bad too.

So for one "bay" (there have been 18 today), you need about 30 minutes.

Per bay you get paid 10 $, so 180 $ for 18 bays.

I think I did 9 or so.

At a certain time it just gets very hard to use your strength to cut the brenches and you basically aren't talking to anyone for the whole day.


After work, when we got back, at about 7 PM, Jordan and I decided to go

to the Astrolabe to get some Burger/Fries and a Beer for 10$, which is a good deal, its cheap, tastes good and you also have a live band performing!

I love the atmosphere in this place, I really do, thats why even tho I was so tired after work, I still wanted to go there.


When we were driving back, we realized that the brakes are not working at all.

We bascially have been driving without brakes.... which is kind of scary when you think about it...

So we need to find a solution to that, because the Van from Jordan is also not fully working and we gotta find a way to go to work.


Now I am just freakin tired and I wanna go to bed...

Promming is theeeee job I was dreaming off..

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