17-06-18 -- 18-06-18




Today, we had to move out of the house, out of Matts house because he also wants to sell the house and go back to his old place.

We can't stay so we have to find another place.

The only option we have is the "Bell Lodge", where the other pickers are also living, so we know some people already.

The day went by very slowly, we packed our stuff, cleaned up, time didn't seem to pass by at all..

At about 3:00 PM, we left Greerton and drove to Judea, to the Bell Lodge.

We, Felix and me, checked in, Valentin? 

Well he is going his way, going up to the north to see the country, because he has to fly back to germany in August, and he doesn't know yet if he is coming back to New Zealand.

We went to the beach, met with Teresa, walked along the weather and just talked.

Even tho this "task" was so simple, it is just so undescribable and so beautiful being on the beach, while sunset.

At the Bell Lodge, we had a little Barbecue and after that we watched a movie, like, with some people from the Lodge.

At about 11:00 PM, I went to bed, was just to tired from the last two days.





I didn't sleep so well this night, I don't know why tho...

It was planned that we would go to work today, but it got canceled due rain.

We watched the World Cup (realizing germany had lost.), watching Brazil vs Switzerland, while having breakfast.

After that Jordan, Felix and I, went to the "Salvation Army" to get some stuff.

I got a book, two bot-up shirts and other stuff, for prettymuch no money.

(I like the shirts tho)

Felix got a new phone, I repaired my jewelery (it got dark due sulphur water), Jordan and I went to the WOF and then to Pak'n Save and yeah.

At the lodge we had dinner prepared from Tery, he is a cook from france and was so kind to make us a very delicious lasagne, for the whole lodge.

We all sat together and had dinner together, about 12 people or so.

It was very cool!

After that we played Werwolve, I hope you know the game, and it was super fun, but also super hard, to actually discuss in english, but after the second round or so it got easier and we had more discussions then before.

Oh yeah, sadly, I couldn't say goodbye to Valentin today.

We thought we would meet before he left but it didn't work out..

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