A long and interesting day..

So basically, to say it straight, we had some Mushrooms today.

Mushrooms that give you a personal trip.

I can't say to much but I have to say it was worth a trip,

worth the experience, having specific moments which made me realise

some things in life.

We were pretty tired afterwards, happy, but super tired.

Before we got back home, we actually passed the "McLarren Falls", a waterfall in the forest, to be honest, that one was one of the most beautiful places I have been here in New Zealand sofar!

I don't know why I like it so much, so many stones, water dripping out everywhere, in the middle of the forest and it was a huge place!

I definitly wanna go back there before I leave!


We went back to our accomodation and just had some pizza and watched TV.

So while I was working at the Packhouse I met Jany and she invited me over to her place to come over for a little "fiesta".

So we had some drinks back at home and Valentin, Felix and I went to Welcome Bay to say hello! 

Actually, Jany told me it will be done at "10:00 PM" but I was like, oh okay?

But at the end we went back at 2:30 AM or so.

We came there and she had a beautiful home, nice modern style, wonderful view.

We have been around ... ehm.. 12 people?

All of them from Chile or Argentina...

So everyone was talking spanish the whole time haha.

But it was very cool!

Their mentality, their kindness, it was kind of new for me but I really enjoyed how they treated us, we could talk with anyone without making any "groups".

I was mostly talking with Jany, but its kind of hard because her english isn't so good so we had to use google translator the whole time haha.

But it was fun that way!

Later the owner of the house also came down, Tanja, a kiwi.

Really social, very friendly woman, it was really cool talking with her too!

Later her sister came aswell.

Damn she is crazy, with that I mean like, insane haha.

She acted like a 20 year old teen but it was fun.

So Valentin and I actually drove them down to the city cause they wanted to party, Tanja and her sister.

Damn, the sister talked so much bullshit, I don't even wanna tell you what it was, it was just dumb haha.

We drove back to the fiesta, had couple more drinks, but at around 2 AM we went back cause it was late and we still were exhausted from the trip!

But yeah, all in all it was a very interesting, very mindopening day and I just see formyself that things are changing lately, fast, but I don't refuse that change, I just let it be..

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