Second day at the Packhouse..

I woke up with sore muscles, all over my arms.

I didn't expect them to get sore.

It's not really painful, but they feel very... "shocky?", weird feeling.

So todays day was kind of more fun!

We had some music and some good songs to sing along to, which made work alittle more fun!

But yeah, I had to do the work all over, but I am pretty fast at it so they wanna keep me there.

Last night I had that idea, that I wanna take a picture with "every nationality", just as an project, and to see the different faces of the world.

I got three today: Malaysian, Kiwi and Chile.

My only conditions would be: Talk to them atleast 15 minutes, or something "special" must have happend to have a connection in that picture. (I don't want it to be like : "Oh you are from Japan? Quick, a picture please!")


So work was fun, like I said, I made quiet a few jokes with Janara, the Chile girl from yesterday.

Even tho she can't not really speak english, we still get most of the conversations.

But otherwise.... that's pretty much it!

Oh wait, so, basically, my supervisor, who is Maori, has some nice tattoos, and I just asked him if he could recommend me any tattooartist.

He said his friend made them and he could get in touch with him to get me my tattoo!

So I'm looking forward for that!! I really am pumped about it, because it looked good on him, so the quality is there!

My feet, especially my knee, is just hurting today, I don't wanna stand anymore I just wanna go to bed now!

Tomorrow is picking time again.

The days at the packhouse have been fun! (In a certain way)

I would go back, because the people have been all kind and friendly, you have a routine work, so not much thinking, time goes by kind of fast and you get some money in your bank!

But, time for bed..

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