First day at the DMS

So, we have rain for the next two days (today and tomorrow), so he plan

probably should have been: "Stay at home, and do nothing."

Cause we live with Matt, who is working at the Packhouse, we got two days of work at the Packhouse.

12 hours shifts, 7 AM - 7 PM.


Getting up at 5.45 AM sure is hard, but that was okay.

When we were at the Packhouse, we got an introduction to the areas 

and some stuff we have to take care off.

Bla Bla Bla, nothing mindblowing..

Valentin and Felix worked at the "big area",

in which I did to have to go to the "small area" with Steven, the Kiwi who also started today.

He was a nice guy, not much of a talker, but still friendly.

So my job was basically, take the empty cardboards, get the plastic, put them inside, s

end them over to the packers.


Do that for 12 hours haha.

I got along with most of the people very quickly.

At the first break I was sitting with my colleague, two malaysian and the kiwi.

I, as smart as I am, didn't had anything to eat with me.

They saw that and actually have been so kind to give me some bread and some instant noodels,

so I didn't had to starve.

But yeah, nothing big, just looong looong time and the same thing all over.

I made friends with the supervisor, cool guy, and an girl from Chile, 

very friendly girl, even tho she can not speak english that much, but we get along pretty nicely :)


So, I can't stay awake anylonger then 10 PM, im just dead..


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