We have just been working the last days...

Nothing much happend actually..

Last week, on Thursday when I was in the Rosie's Pub and we had Karaoke Night, I met this one girl, Nessah-mae.

She is a Maori-French Girl, and she is like one of the first girls

here in New Zealand which I really like and have nice conversations with.

Sad, I think I am actually gonna leave in the next 2 weeks, so there is

not much time for us to actually know each other better.

It is just good to meet someone from around here, to like now 

the culture better, to exchange differences and similiarites..

But yeah I'll see how it turns out! :)


So work, yeah, it was pretty cloudy today.

If we don't have a sun it actually is pretty cold so it is not fun to work.

... Wellllll we didn't had a sun today, which is a shame..

We saw the mist for like the first one hour and then it got a little warmer.

I actually asked Helena and Ben, if it okay if I take a picture of the team,

you know, just for a memory which I can look back too!

Well, took the picture and I am pretty happy with the result! 


We finished the orchard a little earlier today, so it was end of work at about 3 PM, so we had some spare time left for the day..

I have to say, I didn't do that much, just relaxed because the last days have been kind of long, cold and stressful, but I have to say, I need the money!


I wanna go to Wellington and Queenstown next.

I wanted to buy a car, but I actually have the plan that I will travel 

with someone, who is working on the orchard, Jordan.

He is a cool guy and we are  getting along pretty nicely, aaand

he has the same birhtday as me and he has the same plan as I do.

So that's gonna be the plan for the next time.

I'm having a good time with Valentin and Felix, but I believe I wanna meet new people and just improve my english, so I think it's not a bad choice to go "seperate ways".

I don't say I don't like em, I really do!

And we also have the plan to hang out back in germany again and I really wanna do that, because they are just my two boys!


So yeah, gotta see what the next weeks and day bring, but it is a very interesting time for me at the moment..

Kiwi Fruit Pick Team 2018
Kiwi Fruit Pick Team 2018

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