Rotorua Zoo

So we pretty much spontanousley said, hey lets go to the Zoo!

When then happend?

well, we went to the zoo, in Rotorua.


It wasn't really the best weather, but atleast it wasn't raining!

At the zoo, we realized there was noone.

Like, literally, maybe 5 cars.


We saw some pigs, some sheep, some kangoroos, alpacas, fishys and the best, some lions!

I don't know how many, I think maybe 8 lions getting fed.

I took some pretty cool pictures that day!

Of all sudden, it started raining like shit!

But I wanted to go for a cool picture with a lion standing on the stone in the rain and boom! I got this amazing shot! (I really am very happy with that shot!)

Then, we drove home, made some food and went out to play some pool!

It is soooo awful here, they usually play with smaller balls then with what I am actually used to play with... 

That is a real bummer.

But well, gottta get used to that ey?


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