Another day on the orchards

So, we are working since Monday again.

The last days have been kind of hard because we first didn't work at all and now like working of all sudden, for 8 hours or nine is kind of exhausting...

We went to a organic orchard today, but well that doesn't bother me cause well, I dont know, the look was the same so I didin't care.




We bascially worked, the whole day but I wanted to take some pictures from the group, but some

people have been missing and we didn't had the proper time to go out and say "hey let's take a picture shall we?" (because we are working through, there is no real break except the lunch break and the smoko), so the was no picture today sadly.

It is pretty funny at work lately, people are getting more used with each other and we can just talk about nonsense and have fun :)

It is funny, because of my height I always have to grab the kiwi fruits noone else can reach, so everyone shouts my name like : "Rick! Come here, I need your help!"

I make jokes and always be like "10 bucks, no I won't help, tell me you need me, bla bla" :D


Now im sitting in the McDonalds, getting Wi-Fi because we dont have it at home and I just needed to get some stuff up/downloaded.

Tomorrow, work again, 8:30 AM start - Finish ? 5:00 PM maybe? yack..

But hey, I need the money, Im running out of money here and the seasons is almost over so yeah, gotta save up some money because it is getting bloody cold!

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