Pub Time?

We went out in the pubs last night and it was really cool!

I have to say, I was just drinking 5 beers last night, but the last one 

was so bad I actually went home and had to throw up cause I didn't

wanna have that beer in my stomache, boiling there.

So we had to work today, luckily not at 8:30 AM!

I was having such a horrible hangover today..

We started working at about 1:30 PM which was okay.

And we finished two hours later because we fininshed up the orchard earlier,

which was kind of a massive relief! :)

Thomas (a guy who is working with us), was so drunk today, man, it was funny

to see him stumble around! :D

Made some food, and now, preparing myself for a long week of work probably!

But we need the money because we didn't work that much in the recent days

--> no money.. 

and the seasons isn't lasting that long anymore, so gotta collect all

the money possible!

Today was a really tough day for my stomach, I don't know why, but that

last beer just knocked me out and I just feel like throwing up every five minutes!

But well, I think I am actually getting through that! :D


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