Omanawa Falls

Omanawa Falls
Omanawa Falls

So today we had our day off again, it was pretty good that we had our day off, it was kind of hard night!

At about 1 PM Teresa came over, she wanted to go to that waterfall, but it was restricted to visit,

so she took us and we went to the waterfall.

We had to walk for about 10 minutes to reach the restricted area.

Normally you can go down through a door but that one was closed due the weather and unsafety.

"First thought --> Jägermeister"
"First thought --> Jägermeister"




We then started to climb down, ended up at a dead end tho.

We went back and then I realized that my knee is still not fully recovered...
They found a different route but I was like ...
"nah, im gonna go to the car, I don't wanna bust up my knee any more.."
Took the keys, went back to the car.

But before that I saw a deer with a huge antler!

I slowly approached it to get a good picture.

It saw me pretty early, but didn't run away and all of the sudden it went up to me and it was like.. 2 meters away from me!

So I switched my lenses and good some sweet pictures!

It looks super amazing, it was just so calm and quiet at that time, just the deer and me..

While I was waiting in the car (for about 2 hours), I took some more pictures, got some petrol and made a timelapse from the sunset (not good tho)
It was a very quiet time, my battery died so I couldn't listen to music but that was not the worst.

The worst was just that thing with my knee..

It just frustrates me so much that I can't go for "easy hikes" without my knee being a bitch..

It is not like I wouldn't have done it, but I don't want to risk it getting worse...

After we went home, we didn't do much, made some food and
watched an episode of "13 Reasons Why", because I was just going through Netflix and I was like
"Oh a new season is out? Gotta watch that!"

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