Having a day off tomorrow? Pubbing Time!!

So we finally could go to work again the last 3 days..

It was super weird, like, you just work for 11 days straight... and then you have day offs for 5 days straight.. 

Coming back into work sure is exhausting at that point then..

I was feeling super sick this morning, I actually got a little sick today.. what a shame..
So I didn't feel like working at all.. 

Luckily we didn't had to work so long today, maybe 3 hours or so, because I finished up the orchard earlier and there was no work left.

So, after that we went back home.

I started watching TV, and at about 2 PM or so, I went to bed and slept for 3 hours, I was just super tired from the last days and even feeling sick made me super sleepy.


So basically, we don't have to work tomorrow, which meeaans we are going to the pubs tonight!

So we got some Gin-Tonic, some Jägermeister.

I didn't touch the Jägermeister tho, I didn't wanna mix to much.

So we went to the first pub, the "Astrolabe".

We didn't feel comfortable there, kind of a "high society" there, so we went down to the next place to the Irish Pub we went to a few days ago.

No people, it was super empty there, don't know why tho.

So we went to the next place, I don't know the name tho, but we found some people there and drank some alcohol and had a good time!

After that we lost Valentin, he just went home cause he was just toooo wasted! :D
So Felix and I wanted to grab the next taxi and of all sudden there was a fighting happening right infront of us!

We got in and seperated those people.. super weird, like, there was no argument, just some guys blindsiding other people..

In the end we went to the next pub in Tauranga, with those people who got attacked, but we lost them right away before we went into the pub!

We had to pay 5 bucks entry, but that was okay..

So in there, it was pretty full, but a nice atmosphere!

So there was this one drink... a tequilla with a scorpion in it!

I couldn't resist, I had to buy it!

It was super discusting drinking that, but I just wanted to try that! :D

I almost ate up the whole thing, but some parts didn't wanna go down!

I came home at about 3.30 AM, so it was okay.

Time for bed, no work tomorrow, super cool, I'm looking forward to sleep a little longer again! :)

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