We still couldn't go to work..

Beautiful people :)
Beautiful people :)

We still couldn't go to work again..
It just gets boring around here, yeah we are having free, it is good ey?

But I just don't like doing nothing for such a long time..

So Valentin wanted to go to the beach, tried to learn surfing.
Teresa was so kind to give him her surfboard, and also give him a hand to show him what to do! :)
Felix and I wen into town, I repaired my braclet (it broke at work).
I also wanted to get a haircut, but it is kind of expensive where I have been.

Then we went back and watched them surf, talk about various of stuff.

When the sun went down, we got to a place where still sun dropped and we actually found "Trindian" (his nickname), Jordan and Thomas.
We just said down talked and had a good time!

After that, we (Teresa, Valentin and Felix) went to play some pool!
There was  this one jukebox where you could put in your own music, or, there was a huge amount of songs which I would actually love to hear in a "pub".
It closed at 10 PM, so we went to the beach, set down and just ... "chilled" ;)

Yeah, that was pretty much it...

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