Clubbing.. or Pubbing in Tauranga?

So bascially, the last days have just been working on the kiwi fruit farms.

It is very physical work, you are under back and neck pressure for about 8 hours a day and it isn't an easy job to do!

Simple yes, but very hard.

We don't have fixed times, we basically wait for the message from "Ben" and then he tells us when to start.

We can start at 8.30 AM, we can start at 1 PM, it depends on how the weather is and how fast the kiwi fruits dry in the morning!

So today, we had the idea to go out to the pubs, because it was announced, that it would rain tomorrow!

Rain = No Work.

So, some of the workers, including me, decided to go out to a pub and have a good time!

At about 9.30 PM, we went to the "La Mexica", a place that was recommended to us.

A cozy place, I would say.

We had a theme party today, like, for the music, we had Latin Music tonight.

I was like, yeah not bad, its okay I guess.

So, Felix, Valentin and me, we came there pretty early, because "Matt" (our housekeeper) drove us there.

No people sofar, but I got crowded after 10.30 PM or so,

We had some drinks, talked, had a good time and went out to dance...

It was really funny, meet some people, had a good time, danced and enjoyed our day off tomorrow!

So, Felix had had a girl to have fun with, Valetin, well, he disappearded?

So Felix and I went out, called him, searched him, didn't find him and the pub was closing at 3 AM, but we still couldn't find him, so we decided to take a taxi and drive back to our home without him, we tried to call him, but he didn't pick up the phone!

So Felix and I went to bed at 4 AM, we actually could manage to reach out to Valentin, he said he was on the way back to our house!

What a relief!

So I went to bed, I was pretty darn tired!




Sooooo, the next day..

We had to GO TO WORK!

AT 9 AM!

So Valentin was back, came back home at 5 AM!

And we actually got up and drove to work

I had to drive because I was like, "sober enough to drive".

We came to work like 45 minutes to late.

Our "mama" didn't say a word that we came to late, 

silence, worse then if she would just lectured us..

So we worked... for 2 hours...

The fruits have been to wet, the weather changed and it rained..

So........ we drove back home.

Felix was super exhausted, went to bed.

I was awake, didn't feel like going to bed, so I cleaned up the car,

Valentin helped me a bit.

So after that I took all the garbage, drove up to the recyling station, got rid of it, went to the next petrol station, fulled up the car and went back, got some laundry into the washing machine and went to bed

That was about 4 PM, and I woke up at about 6.30 PM, so it was okay..

Valentin and I went to the next McDonals, got some burgers and took some of the Wi-Fi.

I downloaded the last episodes of "Money Heist", gonna finish that episode in the next days! (Recommend that series!)




So, well..

Ben said: "Work starts at 10 AM, minimum."

Okay, we put our alarm at 8 AM.

He.. messages Valentin at 7.30 AM : "Gonna start at 9 AM."

... "Yo Rick...., we gotta get up..., no breakfast get ready for work"..

Fuck no... not again...

So, got our stuff, grabbed some groceries for lunch and such and went to work, super tired and super unprepared...

So work was like.. it was the same, but I didn't feel well kind of.. it was warm, it was dusty, kind of a weird atmosphere and I was hungry!

So was hungry until the end of work, so at 5 PM....

We then went to Pak N' Save, got some groceries and went back to make some food and just enjoy the evening!

I get my first salary in the next two days which I look forward too!

It should be a pretty sweet amount, so im working onto that!

I got used to the work now, no back or neck pressure. 

I mean, yeah you can still feel it after work, but not how it was at the beginning!

So yeah, I'm gonna get up at 7 AM tomorrow... I don't wanna go to work again, without having any breakfast, or coffee!!!

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