Second day on the farm!

So my pain was okay actually, I expected worse this morning..

But my morning was beginning kind of sad actually.

I remembered that today (basially yesterday in germany), there was the "1 Mai Wanderung" and I have seen so many people just walk around in germany...

I was like super sad I couldn't join.. like.. I got really sad, not like.. "sad cause im not there" but ... "sad... sad."

I don't know... I had this... feeling-down moments

I kind of felt unwanted, not needed, I don't know why, I just felt worried and sad..

I mean yeah, I really love to see my friends faces every single time, from everyone, but, I don't know, I just feel like... I am losing them all slowly..

I don't know..


So we went to work at 9.45 AM, almost got to late, but we actually have been early, started at 10.10 AM.

New Farm, new building structure, and it was first like "hard" at the beginning, but in the middle I got really used to the pressure and the work..

10.10 AM, until 6 PM-ich..

We worked in the dark again, not like full dark but nearly in the dark, we actually stopped earlier because we are going to be there tomorrow again!

So after work, Valentin, Felix and I went to Pak n Safe, got some groceries and went to an indian restaurant.

It was actually super tasty, but at the same time super spicy!

Now im sitting on my bed, letting my stomach to all the work now and just be super tired!

Yay another day at picking kiwis shall come tomorrow! 


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