On my way to Tauranga

So today, the weather is better, much better at what we had the last days.

I started packing my stuff and first went up to Delia to bring my gear that I used for work.

Then she asked me some questions, like how I liked the stay, the work etc.

I was pretty happy there, and to be honest, would go back, but for paied work.

Then I started packing my stuff and we head up to Tauranga at about 12 AM,

Kasper, Annkatrin and Me.

The car ride was amazingly funny, Kasper and I sang like there was no tomorrow, I still feel the scratching in my voice!

So we went to Mount Manganui first.

I wanted to go to the beach, and the Manganui was right at that area.

I heard about a "mountain", and well 232 meters, that is a hill..

So we got there, it was kind of warm and the sea... damn I missed the sea..

Some surfers, some people playing games, it was good to be here.

We went up the mountain, not like, complety up because it was cloudy and it wasn't worth going up there when you can't see shit, so we walked around the mountain.

I have to say, my knee is still not ready to go and because I hurt my knee like one week ago again, I felt the presure on my knee pretty badly..

So rest, get it healthy again, and then start walking!

After that, I said goodbye.. to Kasper, damn.. we had such a good time!

I am going to miss his presence so badly, but I told him I will visit him when I am back in germany, I mean, going to denmark? Why not?

I also said goodbye to Annkatrin too, I appreciated her stay, but for now, we just gonna seperate!

After that I got in contact with Valetin and Felix, the two guys who I arrived with in Auckland.

Bascially they work in a kiwi fruit farm here, and I asked them If I could join their team for 1 month, and well here I am!

Was good seeing those familiar faces again!

So we got some stuff from the warehouse (I finally got some proper shoes for walking) and we then drove up to the place they are staying atm.

Met the "boss" from the farm and his wife, lovely people!

And yeah, tomorrow we have to move to another house in Tauranga!

Im looking forward to work in the farm, they said, it will be hard, but hey, what do I have to lose? 

I wanna earn money, even if the work will be a bit harder then usual.

Oh, and I also have no Wi-Fi at the moment, means I probably have some issues uploading some pictures on that side (which I didn't do for a long time),

and maybe some blogs, but to be fair, I don't need my internet for now anyway.. like I mostly use it to contect my friends in germany.. but well it had appeared that I don't have to do that anymore, so I can focus on my work, on the experience here...

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