First Day Picking Kiwis

So.. we first night on the mattress, it was okay, kind of warm but okay.

Then we went to the Farm, they brought me my bag and some gloves

and showed me the basic things to be aware off:

First - Twist them, dont "rip" them down.

Second - Kiwis that fall on the ground are "waste", don't pick em up

Third - Work fast.


So yeah, I started picking and it was okay at the beginning, like the weight and the picking.

But it got harder and harder, especially the pressure on the shoulders and on the back.

Because I am so tall, I sometimes had to bend my head sideways and go down a bit with my knees, and with a huge amount of weight it actually is kind of hard.

So we started working at 11 AM, ended at 7 PM

We worked in the dark, because we wanted to finish the route, well.. the manager wanted that..

It was really hard actually... I my back is numb, so are my shoulders...

We then had to move houses, from Omokoroa to Greenton...

My stuff was in Omokoroa so I had to drive two times, and I already was super tired.. but we had to move out that night..

So we got to our house in Greenton at 9 PM maybe?

It's okay here, I like the build of the house, but not the style, like.. the furniture and everything, it looks so old and shabby.

And no Wi-Fi :o!

So then after we moved in, we meet Matt, owner of the house, nice guy and yeah, not big of a talker tho.

For dinner we went to McDonalds, got some burgers and then we went to bed.

Damn.... im so damn tired, can't wait what tomorrow brings!


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