Tamaki Maori Village

The weather is horrible...

It rains so badly and it is so windy, all of our chairs are flying around outside, you don't really wanna go out..

So basically my plan for today was to go to the "aMAZEme" at 4 PM, but it got canceled due the bad weather.. they offered me a refund or to go for another way but I took the refund because I am leaving Rotorua tomorrow.

So Annkatrin and I went to the Tamaki Maori Village today, at about 5.45 PM was departure from the service in Rotorua and the we got in the bus...

I was sitting in the first row and the busdriver was looking for a "chief" to lead the group...

I didn't volentere because I didn't knew what would happen and stuff, but noone wanted to so he just picked me ..

So I was their leader..

I had to make a ritual with the clan leaders from the maori village.

Bascially I stood infront of them, they offered me a "peace offering" by making a "haka" (wardance) and then offered me peace by dropping a silver fern infront of me, which I had to pick up..

Then, they asked for my name and where I came from.

Following up, I took his hand, another on the shoulder, and we made the "hungi" (greeting).

Pressing each others noses eachother gently two times and then saying "Kia Ora" (hello/thanks whatever).

After that, the leader of the clan came down, asked for our names again, followed by the hungi.

He then took the three leaders to follow him, just us three the other visitors had to go another path.

So he gave us a "tour" around the village, telling us about the stories, what the meanings are and everything, that was pretty cool to have the "tour" by the leader.

Then all people came up to the preparing of the "hanghi" (traditional food).

It is basically like that: You put stones in the ground, put your food on them, cover that with layers of cloth and on top of that with dirt.

It looked pretty impressive how the food actually ended up look like!

Then, the chiefs went up to the next area, a house represeting the human body, and we the visitors inside it.

So we had some singing and dancing in here in maori.

We got introduct to the weapons, and to the "haka".

So yeah, I had to perform the haka as you may have aspected as the chief.

It was pretty funny because he had to stick our tounges out, and scream and ... well dance.

I know I looked pathetic but I had fun!

After that we went to the "hanghi" the feast.

The chiefs had special places where we could watch over our people.

It was very cool being the chief I kind of enjoyed the "privilges" that I had..

We also have been the first once to get food! :D

So the "hanghi" was amazing!

We had some potatoes, some carrots, some kumara, lamb chicken and fish and some salat and it was so delicous, like the food was very well made!

It was funny, like my people actually liked me as their chief, some have been like: "Yeah you are doing a good job as chief, bla bla"

So we got into some conversations.

Two people from the US, Florida to be exact.

They have been super friendly and they were like "yeah we are here and it is beautiful and you are gonna love the place!"

They have been an "old" couple and they have been super cool!

After the dinner, we the chiefs had to stand up, go stay in the middle of the room, and ... sing.. in Maori.

It worked kind of well actually haha

So yeah, then we got back on the bus and it was super cool with bus driver and he acknowledged me being the chief and it was very cool that I had to be the one chief!

Kakite, that means goodbye.

So all shook the hand of Dennis the busdriver and said kakite.

When I got back home I got some drinks with Kasper and Annkatrin, cause I was going to leave tomorrow and I didn't wanna carry to much stuff with me, sooooo I drank it all up today and now im good to go leave Rotorua!


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