Fancy Meow Cat Cafe / 3D Art Gallery / PWE Event

"This cat didn't like me."
"This cat didn't like me."

So, the weather today, total shit.
Rainy, intense wind, cold.
So Annkatrin and I went to town at 1 PM or so.
First stop.
A cat cafe??
Yeah, that exists....
You have about 15 cats to play with.
You get a coffee and can have a good time with fluffy kittens and cats, that place is so magical it was so amazing!!!

"No caption needed."
"No caption needed."



Second we went to the 3D Art Gallery.
It was really funny just posing in certain areas and to be honest, I didn't care how the people looked at me for my dumb faces..
I enjoyed my time there and didn't look like a frozen person who couldn't do a weird face! :D

"PWE Champion and ..... Me."
"PWE Champion and ..... Me."

My personal highlight tho,
was the "PWE" (Pro Wrestling Event),

in Mamaku!
I never went to a LIVE wrestling event

and it was so freakin awesome!!!
It was small, maybe 30 people not even more,

and the atmosphere was so crazy and funny!
At the end I asked the champion if I could hold his belt,

damn that thing is actually pretty heavy.
Oh and I took a picture with him, even tho I told him,

I was for the other guy
that he was fighting against hah!

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