Kaimai Mamaku Forest Park Walk

I got to work today, at 5.30 AM...
It is fuckin cold in the morning, like... really cold, you feel like in a fridge.
Good thing I have a heater.

So work, yeah, was pretty usual, milking cows, cleaning the yard, going home.

So Kasper had his day off and he wanted to go walking in a forest nearby, I was like, yeah I'm just gonna join you, I got my day off anyway.

So we went to the "Kaimai Mamaku Forest",
about 30 minutes from Mamaku, so nearby.
We looked for some areas where you can just go for a walk, and we found a path which took about 2 hours to get there, (but it didn't say back)
So we started walking, through mud, through water, stomping on leaves and boughs, enjoying the silence and the atmosphere.

"Shit... we had to go that way..."
"Shit... we had to go that way..."


We then got to an area which offered more options to different areas, and well, we thought we could just follow a way, and get back to our car... well.. we were wrong..
We got up and walked for about 1 hour, into the wrong direction and found, well a dead skeleton head, and at that moment I was like, Kasper?
Ehm.. I think we should have gone left on the clearing..



Good thing I took a picture off the routes, but I should have had that idea 1 hour earlier ...
So, we went back, 1 hour, and then found the clearing and walked for another 2 hours...
And that is where I actually stepped kind of badly and hit my knee again.
I noticed... oh shit... not again... first it was okay, but it got worse but I got through it..

We found beautiful places to just stay for a few minutes, enjoy the sound of the water just rushing next to you and enjoying the scene.
I couldn't even take them on a picture, it was just all around me.. it was so beautiful..

We then after 6 hours managed to get out of the forest... drove back home and we both were so excausted... but we did it!

I got home, went to bed and I just realized, my knee doesn't feel so good,
but I just gonna see how it will evolve in the next days...

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