Another day, same cows

Yesterday wasn't that special, I just got up, went to work and after that I went to town, got some groceries...
Yeah.. that was pretty much it.

The life here, at the moment, is very simple and very slow.
I get up in the morning, get myself something to eat and go to work, wash those cars, milk those cows, 
clean the yard, that pretty much is it for the day.
Today it was the same, but now that I have some groceries I can actually make myself some food.
Yesterday I made some fries, was okay ... I guess.. I had some leftovers this day, perfect for breakfast! :D
I made some noodles today, with some pasta, I have to say, it isnt that bad,

and I got something for the next two days!


At the third and forth of april I got my day off, I don't know what I will do at these days, maybe go to Rotorua, to the "mud pools" or maybe to the "fairy springs", I don't know yet, there is so much stuff to do around Rotorua, but I really wanna look after my money.
I get a little money out of my job here, Delia is paying me some money every week for groceries, i'm done with that!
I mean, working 3-4 hours a day, getting a car, getting paid for groceries, having a house to live, okay I guess.

Yeah, the days are pretty slow now, not much to inform you guys with, im sorry for that!
I'm trying my best to get you some interesting stuff out of my days!



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