From Murupara to Mamaku

My day wasn't so interesting I would say, but I wanna tell you about it anyway! 

So I got up at 8 AM, went to see after the chooks, got 2 eggs, and well, ate them directly, thanks chooks!
After that I had to tidy up my room, got new sheets, and just make it ready for the next person!

Helen told me yesterday, that we will leave at about 11 AM, but we went to town at 10 AM already... , so I didn't had time to actually take a shower, just washed my hair, didn't even dry it...
Result: My hair is so curly again today...that is why I don't wanna grow my hair! :D
So we have been in Rotorua at about 11 AM, I said my goodbyes and went to McDonalds first.. why?
Well I had to go to the toilet.
Got a bigmac, and just took some Free Wi-Fi that they have there.
After that I went to the "Crash Palace" (the hostel I stayed in last week), cause I forgot something there 
the last time, but well, it's gone... sad...
I just wandered around, was waiting for my bus... it was about 12 AM, bus leaving 13.30 PM.
So I went into the i-Site Center, charged my phone, cause I actually planed to do it at the Motorcamp.
Time went pretty fast here, so I took my bus to Ngongotaha (try to pronounce  that correctly.. haha)

So basically, new job, now place.
Delia (the one who uploaded the workaway article), wanted to pick me up by the "Big Sheep" at the Agredome.
Yeah, it was a big sheep.
There have been these "sightseeing-buses" pretty much only asian people.
THe funny thing is, that most of the busdrivers greeted me, and some people in the bus too haha!
So Delia picked me up and we went up to Mamaku! A small town with about 800 people.
Delia is offering me a job on a farm, for about 3 weeks, I got accommodation,
but I gotta buy my food for my own (for now).

So  yeah, she dropped me off at my "house", where 4 other backpackers are helping on the farm!
For a long time I was alone today, then there was Dave (Candian Guy), pretty friendly dude!
Then, Kasper (Denmark), also, very friendly dude.
The other two Annabele and Ben, I haven't seen them yet. (tomorrow then)

I was just sitting in my room, watching "Van Helsing" and yeah, tomorrow, time to work at 5.30 AM!
Lets get to it! :)

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