Day Three in Murupara

I woke up at 2.40 AM today, I had a wonderful dream until then...
I was on a beach with a friend, it was sure one of the nicest dreames I had in a long time.

I wanted to wake up at 3 AM, I got up and wanted to take some pictures from the stars, 
because here in Murupara you can see he stars so cleary, its wonderful!

Murupara Stars
Murupara Stars

I went to a field, not far from my stay.
But I sure had to climb over a fence and it was pretty wet...
There was this one well, filled with water, it was sure about 15 meteres deep and you can easily fall into it...
Sure, I dodged it as best as possible.
I took some picuters, and while I was doing that I took some memos and send them to Jessica (one of my best friends), to just tell her how amazing the sky looks like.
I spoke relativly loud, so I woke up a dog, but I couldn't saw him, only hear.. and it sure sounded like he was approaching, and he sure didn't sound small..
I got kinda scared, standing on a field, in the dark and getting barked on my a dog, so I was recorind a memo, that I am having this dog barking, and while I was going back, I didn't think of the well, and went directly on it, daaammn it was so close!! 
I scratched my knees and my camera almost fell into the well, it was so close it was so terrifying!!
The stars, yeah, it was pretty clear but, foggy still, so the result was... okay... for my offer that I put in, meh.
Today was my first work day "alone" (without Wayne, Craig and Nathalie), I had grab the eggs, feed the chock, and clean the bathrooms, cleaning the bathrooms sure took the most out of the time, but yeah, now im sitting in the lounge, watching TV, drinkin some beer and "celebrating" my saturday night yeah :D

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