On my way to Helen and Wayne



So yeah, day started of pretty early bla bla bla...

I went to a rose garden, Laura recommended me last night, it was around in Rotorua, so basically because I had some time, I grabbed my camera, somehting to drink and basically went there!

It was a long way tbh, but it was sure a very nice place!

So many pretty flowers!

Best thing is, I forgot my SD-Card in my Laptop, so yeah...

I took some pictures with my cellphone!

Sitting there, reading through my little planet, I later went back to the hostel grabbed myself something to eat and sat there, watched some YouTube Videos and yeah, tried to overdue the time yeah?


So I then decided, at about 2.30 PM, to go out and hitchhike to Murupara.

Yeah..... well........ it didn't work as planned... 

My first person to actually pick me up was at 5 PM......!!!!

Noone picked me up!

I was walking for like two and a half hour, it was burning, every car just passed by like I wasn't even there....

I was so fuckin frustrated....

But then someone at about 5 PM picked me up, to the streets crossed.

Flinch had to go to Wellington, me, to Murapara, he dropped me off there.

THen, someone else like.. not even 30 seconds later picked me up and well pretty much the same, took me to the next crossstreet and dropped me of there.

Then, I wanted to go to a place where people could pick me up much easier but hey, I was walking towards that place and some guy just stopped by and said "hey man, you wanna ride?"

That was Keith, a maori guy from Murupara.

Damn, he also gave me half of his beer in the car!

What a nice guy, I sure had luck all of the sudden!

I was so frustrated the whooole day really, it all just went so badly,

but at the end, it was sure worth it!

Especially when I arrived at my "guestfamilies" place!

Helen and Wayne are my "family" (for now), and they have a cute dog and a sweet cat (charlie and sophie).

THey are such cool people, so open and funny, I'm really looking forward working with them, and I really like this place!

It's quiet and big and there is sure plenty of things to do around here!

So Helen made some indian curry, and it was damn good!

I'm really looking forward to work with these guys, I really do!! :)

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