Going to Rotorua

So my day started out pretty early, again..
I got up at 7 AM, made myself breakfast and went to the busstation.

Bus was going at 9.30 AM.
I was pretty tired so I could actually get some rest in the bus, even though it wasn't really comfortable.
So my bus stopped at about 1.30 PM, in .. Rotorua, the first thing I really noticed was the smell of the area, like "rotten eggs".
At first I was like... something is different, ah yeah,
some people told me that the air is different around here.

So my hostel is the "Crash Palace Rotorua",
a hostel pretty much in the center of Rotorua.
A very lovely place I would say, and very nice looking, very funky art, interesting colouring, and very nice atmosphere.

Later, the woman at the reception gave me a map, which showed a walkway around Rotorua, where you could see some nice spots with all the boiling and stinking water. (and mud)
It was a very interesting experience to see the sea "poisend" with the sulfur and the colors of the stone have been turned white.
The smell was sometimes okay, but on some spots it was very intense and hard for me to actually stay for a longer time.
But overall it was a nice walk, especially through the "Kuirau Park", where you walked over some bridges inbetween "smoke" coming out of the water. Very cool looking!

Later, after I arrived at the hostel again, I met some people...
two from canada (Trevor and Dave)
one from usa (Tyler)
one from france (Laura)
and also one from new zealand (Florence)
all very friendly and kindly, open-minded people.
Even though I won't see them anymore, it was sure fun talking and having fun with them!

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